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“ I have severe bilateral tinnitus from my time in the US Army, and the exercises within the Diapason app have been quite helpful in managing my tinnitus ”
— Todd, Philadelphia, PA 
“ I am happy to discover that your application relieves me ”
— Fatima 
“ Thank you for this app! I feel a little less "locked up" in my sound ”
— Mireille 
“ Tinnitus not cool and thank to people seeking a solution to this problem. ”
— Corinne 
“ The more I practice, the more I can get away from my tinnitus ”
— Brigitte 
“ Tinnitus can be the cause of a great exhaustion and difficulty to communicate. Thank you for this wonderful application freeing many of those who suffer daily from a possible feeling of isolation. ”
— Yolande 
“ I hear the 'sound of my brain' from my youth, 'like everyone else' I thought. Clearly identifying ones tinnitus is a great relief to get one (or more) on this frequency hiss reassures somewhere, it materializes abstract thing. ”
— Christian 
“ Thank you, I was living for days with a very audible ‘hiss’. Tinnitus is new to me and I began to despair but my first try on your app appears to have decreased the intensity of the whistle, I even did not hear it for a few seconds. ”
— Jeremy 
“ I really recommend this app for anyone who suffers from mild to moderate tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I’ve been using this app for more than two years, and it has helped me manage my symptoms. Diapason attacks the problem in several ways, and each is important. There is therapy to reduce the ringing; cognitive therapy to help the sufferer adjust to their “new normal”; education, to help you better understand what is going on in your ears and brain; and clever little games, to help you train your brain to focus on the sounds that you DO want to hear, rather than the ringing or buzzing. This app is expensive, but it's worth it. It’s helped me to calm down my tinnitus! ”
— diddhs 
“ The application is a small miracle. I'm going on with my life again. Thanks to the team that initiated the project, you have gathered all the advances on the subject. ”
— Anne 
“ sometimes it's hard, but we get there. I'll get there .. Life is beautiful and worth living. Thank you to those who are devoted to develop this app to help us live better ”
— Harry 
“ This is an important step.... make our loved ones listen to what we live every day.... Thank you for this ability you offered me, I can finally 'express' what i feel. Good luck to all. ”
— Patrick 
“ My morning ritual is to read Diapason encouragement. It makes me smile and helps me start the day. So, my turn to wish you a nice day :) ”
— Alissia 
“ Let's support each other. Thanks folks for your warm encouragements. Let's continue to strive to reduce our tinnitus and its effects. ”
— Steph 
“ Our courage, our determination, our perseverance and Diapason allow us to get out of this hell. Beautiful day to you. Myriam ”
— Myriam 
“ Thank you to be heard and understood, and to know there are mayb solutions. ”
— Martin 
“ Thank you to the developers for relieving the pain due to tinnitus, I feel less alone with my questions and anxiety. ”
— Isabelle 
“ We're like athletes training every day with the app, but our performance is silence! ”
— Denis