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Digital Therapy for chronic tinnitus

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  • Reproduce your tinnitus and evaluate its characteristics

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The therapies

  • The therapies

    Cognitive and behavioral Therapy

    Diapason is based on Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (CBT) in order to bring psychological rehabilitation. The goal is to train your brain to associate your tinnitus with positive concepts. By equating your tinnitus with a success factor, you are working on acceptance and your tinnitus is naturally taken over in the background.

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  • The therapies

    Sound therapy

    Re-educating your ear by broadcasting a personalized therapeutic noise compared to the frequency of your tinnitus. Within Diapason, we choose to use habituation therapy implemented by Jastreboff causing, over the long term, a significant decrease in the intensity of your tinnitus.

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  • The therapies

    Residual inhibition

    Residual inhibition is the ability of your own brain to temporarily make a sound disappear after certain stimuli. Diapason uses a system of acoustic impulses to generate temporary relief ranging from a few seconds to several minutes. In times of crisis, our residual inhibition exercises can relieve you quickly and effectively.

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  • The therapies


    Diapason uses relaxation techniques to reduce the unpleasant manifestations associated with your tinnitus. By offering you a learning different relaxation techniques, you learn to take control over your tinnitus. Reconnect with your sleep, your concentration or simply with letting go.

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Diapason by Lilian Delaveau

Founder of Immersive Therapy

"We designed Diapason to gather on one platform, accessible to all, the maximum methods to help better live with your tinnitus. It is also this diversity that will allow you to create a real tailor-made treatment."

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This is a great app, very resourceful and with a very intelligent approach.

Its design is great and I could rapidly tell a decrease in my tinnitus perception.

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