Diapason for chronic tinnitus

Take control over your tinnitus

Diapason is the first digital therapy designed to effectively help you manage your chronic tinnitus on a daily basis.


What does Diapason bring to you

What if you could have its therapy in the pocket?

Diapason helps you live better with your tinnitus and reduce the daily consequences. Three five-minute activities per day are enough to see the benefits of the therapies that Diapason puts in your hands, such as sound therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy.

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A moment of relaxation

Between two meetings, in public transit, or simply in the middle of the afternoon: Diapason adapts to your lifestyle. Even better, those healthy activities become a real moment of relaxation in your day!

Entertaining and easy to use

With Diapason, healing is no longer a constraint. Let yourself be guided into a world where therapies are presented in the form of mini-games accessible to all.

We explain everything to you

  • Diapason

    The founders of Immersive Therapy, Lilian Delaveau, Catherine Soladié et Renaud Séguier present Diapason to you.

  • Residual inhibition

    Diapason offers you an acoustic technique generating a fast decrease in tinnitus intensity.

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You can trust us

  • Proven effectiveness

    All the therapies within Diapason have been scientifically validated to guarantee you an effective solution to your chronic tinnitus.

  • CE standard

    Diapason is a class I medical device according to the ANSM (French agency for the safety of health products).

  • Partnership

    Since the beginning, we work closely with a French Hospital (CHU de Rennes) to demonstrate the effectiveness of Diapason in clinical environments, and with the advices of many ENT specialists.